For my first session on Saturday I played Capers RPG by Craig Campbell. Craig game mastered and Owen St.Gelais, graphic designer for Capers, played a character. The name of the game comes from the slang for superheroes within the setting, Capers.


Capers is set in the 1920's and your character has a superpower. Now, understand what I've just said. I did not say that you're a superhero in the 1920's, I said that you're a character in the 1920's and you have a superpower. There was a very good balance of powers to character, that meant your character had personality and skill separate from the supernatural powers.


The story was a single night of chaos in a casino. I played a speedster, glad handing around the casino. We kicked a drunkard out with the help of my super strong Russian compatriot. Another compatriot, with the power to teleport through manifested portals, out-cheated a cheater at her blackjack table. A group of super powered bandits attempted to break-in to our safe and one of my compatriots, with the ability to take bullet, informed everyone by falling out of the top floor (since we were on the bottom, and said toughness). Being the speedster I quickly charged in to the fray, and promptly lost a majority of my blood. The teleporting dame apparated next to a foe and promptly shot him with her derringers, point blank, and we managed to distract them until the others arrived (aka the tough person, who could have tanked all that damage) More attempted theft! Attempted Murder! Schemes and nefarious deeds! No spoilers!

The system for success/failure determination uses a regular deck of cards (with jokers) to determine the result of your actions. Your statistics, skills, and powers give you a number of cards you can draw from your deck. You can essentially get that many "hits" before either deciding to stay on a particularly good card or being stuck with the last drawn. It created a very interesting tension when acting as you could always try to push your luck for a better result. It worked especially well in combat as sometimes you have a high number but deal low damage, wouldn't it be better to draw again for more damage? That's the gamble of the game!

The last thing I'll say is that it gives you an excuse to talk with a Transatlantic accent. As of writing this there are still a few days left on the Capers RPG Kickstarter, give it a try ya wise guy!

AuthorTaylor Meyers