My third session of AndoCon2018 was a Dungeons and Dragons Adventurer's League Module, "No Foolish Matter."


This post isn't going to go into the mechanics as much as the other posts, as it was Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. This is more of an obituary for my character. Torrid.

Sitting down at the table I talked with my soon to be adventuring companions. There wasn't a wizard among them, and I enjoyed the pre-generated wizard character and traits. He was a Fire Genasi, formerly a smuggler, quick to anger, boisterous, and had a devil-may-care attitude. He had multiple fire spells, so many that it was redundant, but I didn't mind and took it as a "burning" passion.

Our adventure involved a travelling circus and a recent outbreak of disease. And wouldn't you know it, the two seemed to coincide in time and location! Our party enjoyed the circus and it's attractions before being harassed by some circus "fools." Then the party was attacked by said "fools" in addition to some very large rats. During the fight Torrid managed to only land one of his spells and dealt a total of 1 damage... Eventually the party struggled it's way through to victory.

After some discussion with the local sheriff our party headed towards the Hall of Mirrors, our cleric informing us that there was desecrated ground within. Confronting the source of the disease we found a Doppelganger and summarily began battle. Torrid continued to fail every attack roll, and enemies saved against every one of his spells. Eventually Torrid found himself isolated against a rat-man, who struck him down with one blow, and then began slashing into Torrid's unconscious form. The rest of the party focused the Doppelganger down, but before they could fell him Torrid had to roll a death save...

I rolled the die... and with a joyous shout Torrid's misery was ended. I rolled an 8 meaning Torrid had left the mortal plane. It was at this point that Torrid's story became crystal clear. He was a smuggler with delusions of grandeur. Tired of being looked down upon he learned some spells and began adventuring. He believed he would be the greatest wizard of all time, and he was wrong.

The session was almost over, and my next was starting soon. I wrote myself a note on his sheet and stowed it as I gave my farewells to the table. That leads us to now... the funeral of Torrid...


"Just because you burned out quikcly, doesn't mean you were bright." - The Morale of the Tale of Torrid

AuthorTaylor Meyers