My fourth session at AndoCon was Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse By Derek a Kamal, who was also our game master. It's a game built on the FATE system. The setting for HMTM is Thunder City, USA and the players are Mice in a motorcycle club. If that doesn't appeal to you then you can get out right now, ya cheese begger.


The group of players picked their characters from pre-generated ones, I picked Twofer, socially incompetent club grunt. I played him as quite the bootlicker, so just imagine his neurotic brown-nosing throughout the story. Each character consists of multiple sections: character, club, and bike. Character represents your individual mouse, club shows shared aspects and skills that everyone has, and bike represents your sweet ride and it's bonuses.

The story began with a distraught older mouse pleading our Vice President to look for her nephew, Clarence. Half-awake Johnny Rad accepted the task, if only to end the distraction. We had a piece of Clarence's clothing and knew he had penchant for pastries, so we were in formation towards the business district in a flash. We got a trail on Clarence, or at least the cruller he was eating, but shortly afterwards encountered the terror of the business district, Twinklepants Von Catnip! The club worked together to embarrass and knock out Twinklepants, taking her collar as a trophy.

Our club prospect, Paula, pointed us in the wrong direction putting on her thin ice if the boss thinks it puts her on thin ice. We encountered her father there (Paula promptly hid, I promptly called him a cheese begger) and he eventually pointed us in the right direction. We found Clarence in a third floor window, in a disgusting plastic cage! Paula being quite the mountaineer climbed up easily (Twofer was smitten by this poetry in motion,) while the others founds their way up the fire escape. We eventually made our way to the imprisoned mouse who was actually a club member by the name of Clank! His real name was Clarence, and his pet name now being Leopold, for which we mercilessly mocked him. We freed him and straddled up to leave, but Twinklepants showed up with backup! A tense showdown ended, throwing her collar as a distraction, we mounted up and fled the scene. We made it back to our club safely, and everyone had a small epilogue for their character. Twofer would spend his days with the club, bootlicking his superiors and pining after Paula, loving every second of it.

After the session ended everyone at the table bought the book. Playing the role of a mouse in a Motorcycle Club was great. The world around isn't unfamiliar but the perspective is so drastically different that same world looks very different. Stairs are mountains, a city block is a highway, and humans are roaming giants that must be avoided. The fact that you're mice provides a lightheartedness that permeates through the story, without detracting from drama. I think if you enjoy the initial idea of Motorcycle riding mice then you'd get plenty of entertainment out it, and I imagine it's especially great for children and adults alike. You can get the book or pdfs here.

AuthorTaylor Meyers