Early Sunday morning of AndoCon I played my last session. Over the past couple days I had played an adventurer, a starfinder, a super-powered gangster, and even a mouse. Sunday... I ascended to godhood... and apparently gods still have to pay the bills, so I was a Part-Time God.

Part-Time Gods 2nd Edition, created by Eloy Lasanta, is a very deep system and one that is very important to it's creator. The system focuses on characters that not only have supernatural powers but have responsibilities and relationships. Characters with a spark of the divine work together as a pantheon against other supernatural beings, our pantheons consisted of:

  • A tattoo artist and God of Travel, played by Charlie Hawkins
  • A social media star and Goddess of Ravens, played by Craig Campbell, creator of Capers RPG
  • A temp and Goddess of Light, played by yours truly

Our session started with breaking news, which quickly turned to oddity then tragedy. The news anchor reciting her report suddenly stopped and left the news desk. With the camera quick to follow she silently went to the roof, before falling off the side to her demise. With some quick research a pattern of suicides appeared in the recent weeks. Something otherworldly could be at play, some mythical creature or, worse,  a rival god, so the chase was on. Raven contacted her social media presence for more information. I used my godly manifestations to look through a lamp on the autopsy of the news woman. The God of Travel spoke with her ghost, forever stuck repeating her own demise.

We eventually spoke with the wife of another victim and had a clearer picture, but then real life caught up with us.  Characters had run out of free time and needed to either spend a scene to tend to their relationships or risk damaging them. Eventually after tending to our mortal aspects we were able to piece together a suspect, a teenager working at a movie theater. after arriving and finding our suspect the game master triggered my characters fear of the dark, incapacitating her while my allies entered a showing of The Clumps 2. Raven immediately identified him as the God of Suicide and Darkness. They attacked him (with manifested raven claws!) but he managed to get away through forcing Raven to harm herself (with manifested raven claws!) and by my character being distracted by the movie. Raven needed time to herself after the traumatizing event, so Travel and Light headed to the high school the next morning. Then we utilized all our remaining resources to inflict a curse on the god, forcing him out of the light lest he suffer my wrath. (We were running out of time near the end and wanted a satisfying conclusion.)

Part-Time Gods was one of my favorite sessions of the weekend. Like many other systems I can't do it justice in this blog post. Skills had an interesting twist, you combine two skills to perform an action, creating innumerable permutations. Manifestation of your powers could be used in extremely creative ways. Managing your free time, wealth, and relationships while traversing a randomly generated city was very evocative and presented interesting choices. That isn't even all the elements of the system or world! I've never been more excited to balance work and life, now I'm off to balance my work and life.

AuthorTaylor Meyers