I said I'd post more about SIEGE and I am!

SIEGE this year was great, mostly from the networking and socializing perspective. I caught up with old friends and got acquainted with new ones. I was open about my social anxiety in meeting people and the impossible standards I keep for myself regarding personal projects. Each was met with some great conversations about these shared woes.

As far as video games. I've reevaluated a lot of my game ideas and even prototyped a few. These prototypes unfortunately missed the mark on what I was imagining. But, I'm pushing forward with programming a Goal Oriented Action Planning system. It could be part of a much larger project, but I'm mostly just experimenting. And there are still a few more projects I need to dust off and run through their paces.

Social media progress is slow as expected. But, I'm making this blog post and have been posting more on my various accounts. I'm actually looking into Twitch streaming some video games. Primarily as a way to hang out with my friends, but who knows where it may go.

The big project is Cards & Conjuring. A Tabletop RPG that is able to get the full adventure experience in one night. I'm extremely close to being able to playtest it a second time. And... as is a recurring theme with me, I will be sharing more about it in a later post. Who could of seen that coming.

AuthorTaylor Meyers