Welcome Adventurers!

Just got back from another year of SIEGE! Had a great time catching up with old friends, becoming better friends with acquaintances, and meeting new people. I also learned about Firebase and Amazon Lumberyard, and diversified myself with panels on Analytics and Branding. I was even used as an example in the Branding panel for my signature green tie. This SIEGE was great and as always motivated me to work harder on everything I do. Here are some short term goals I'm hoping to focus on. 

  • Increasing my social media presence.
  • Getting more involved in the local Community
  • Reexamining my projects for scope and refactoring.

This past year I've shifted my focus away from programming personal projects to designing games. I'll be doing a more in depth post later this week and be updating the site with information on my adventures!

AuthorTaylor Meyers