SIEGE Con was last weekend and it was great! It was the most fun I've had at SIEGE, mostly due to being more active during it. My focus for SIEGE was to meet as many people as I could and I accomplished that. Social anxiety issues can paralyze me when talking to new people, but I fought past it and was able to talk about video games with lots of interesting people, hear what they are working on, and talk about my own projects. I also got to speak with many people at the parties, and talked with Zoe Quinn about her new FMV game and tabletop RPGs.

The panels were great, aside from the keynotes I really enjoyed a Tripwire session on their gore system. Very interesting solutions to dismemberment and blood, and it sounded like a serial killer's manifesto as well. A panel by two member of the Elysian Shadows development team on Kickstarter was packed with information, and a panel by John Sharp on game design and how your game is perceived and affected through it's life cycle was some very high level thinking.

SIEGE always seems to exacerbate how critical I am on myself. Seeing so many people working on such interesting things makes me judge myself even harsher. But, moving past that I was able to use the experience to motivate me even more than I was on my game. I was also able to show GNAW to my friends which provided, well some great praise, and great feedback.

Also, I ordered a green tie from online and wore it all weekend. It was great because when people saw my business card they usually got the correlation. Of course, I forgot to actually take pictures of myself, but luckily one of my friends got a picture of me in the wild. I'm on the far right. 

AuthorTaylor Meyers